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August 23, 2023

Bengali and Nepali languages now available

Thinking of sending money overseas to Bangladesh or Nepal? Check out our blog to learn how to send money now.


What is the newest addition?

If you are thinking about sending money home, SaverAsia’s newest launch is a game-changer for anyone sending money home to Bangladesh or Nepal.

SaverAsia has just launched in Bengali and Nepali languages, which means you now have access to the same financial education resources in 6 different languages.

This initiative is generously supported by the International Labour Organisation’s Migrant Workers Empowerment and Advocacy (MWEA) project, with funding from the US Department of Labor.

How can I compare rates when sending money to Bangladesh or Nepal?

Over the coming months SaverAsia will be expanding its Bengali and Nepali language content. Try our money transfer comparison tool to compare rates when sending to Bangladesh or Nepal today.