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How FinTech is saving you money July 15, 2021

How financial technology saves you money: Spotlight on Malaysia and MoneyMatch

Find out how FinTech is helping you save on your transfers

Send Money with MoneyMatch


How has technology made money transfers cheaper and faster? Financial Technology—or simply FinTech—is the main reason for the decreasing costs and increasing speed of sending money to your loved ones. FinTech includes all types of innovation that help improve your experience in dealing with your finances, including saving, spending, and remitting.

MoneyMatch is a money transfer service that lets you transfer money from your bank account to your loved ones’ bank account in faster and cheaper way compared to banks. How are they able to keep the cost of money transfer low? Financial Technology!

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MoneyMatch is the first to introduce e-KYC or electronic-‘Know-Your-Customer’ in Malaysia that allows you to digitally confirm your identity when signing up to the money transfer service. You can complete your sign-up all on your mobile device, anytime and anywhere with internet connection. The sign-up is quicker, and your application is approved within a day! You can forget having to print your paperwork, or going to a physical store or bank to get it done!

They are also able to offer transfer fees as low as MYR 3 and more competitive exchange rates compared to banks due to their ‘blockchain’ technology that help them cut their costs. This innovation allows you transfer money in a transparent and quicker way, with your money being received within hours. This is significantly faster than the SWIFT technology used by banks to transfer your money within 1-2 days.

Since its launch, MoneyMatch offers have grown from 100 users in 2017 to over 35,000 users in 2022. They have helped users send over 7 billion MYR. With MoneyMatch, you can transfer from Malaysia, Australia and Brunei to over 110 countries and more than 40 currencies worldwide!

With MoneyMatch, you’re sure the amount you send over is what your family and friends will receive as all fees and charges are presented upfront.

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  1. Download the MoneyMatch app or open the MoneyMatch website.
  2. Create your account and fill in your details. Have your ID ready for verification.
  3. Set how much you want to send
  4. Fill in your recipient’s bank account details and name
  5. Fill in your bank account details that you’re sending money from
  6. Confirm and pay to send money!

Click here if you want more step-by-step guide.

Article by Malorie Manaois, Financial literacy and remittances, SaverAsia 

Posted 15th July 2021