Grab has launched its new regional centre of excellence which has created 400 new jobs in Malaysia.
Almost half of adults in Indonesia now have a bank account, up from a fifth in 2011. The percentage of adults in Indonesia with a bank account rose from 20% in 2011 to 49% in 2017, according to the Global Financial Inclusion Index released by the Wo. . .
Grab unveiled a new remittance service that allows people in Southeast Asia to remit money instantly and securely to receivers in another country using their GrabPay wallets.
This showcase new and enhance cross-border payments and settlements. The report examines existing challenges and considers alternative models that could in time result in improvements in speed, cost and transparency for users.
This article talks about different cases about migrant workplace abuse and how the governments are trying to prevent it. The article talks about how migrant workers a big part of the economy for both the host and their home countries.