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Mobile banking


LUCY is a Singapore-based mobile banking and remittance company that combines traditional banking services with modern technology to provide seamless financial solutions and efficient cross-border money transfers.

Lucy is a mobile banking app for women in Singapore

The app offers bank accounts, mastercards, salary advances, international transfers and peer support. Each of these services specifically tailored for Singaporean women. You can download the app on the IOS app store or Google Play.

Here’s some of the features you can expect:

Saving pockets – You can create multiple accounts to store your money in with individual names and goals. These can be extremely helpful for helping you save money.

Accounts and cards – You can open fee-free accounts and pre-paid mastercards, these are particularly helpful for keeping track of multiple categories of expenses. You can open one for your helper, your small business or your children.

Salary advances – You can access your salary as you earn it rather than waiting until pay day for a fee of $1.

International transfers – LUCY app allows you to send money to the Philippines and Indonesia. Your recipient can receive via bank account, mobile money or cash pick up.

Peer and mentor support – LUCY is building a community of support, training and resources to help navigate challenges in starting and operating a business.