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Mr Finance is the first interactive financial education app purpose-built for Myanmar. He tells stories, and he gives timely financial advice.

Mr. Finance interacts as a Facebook Messenger Chatbot that both teaches and learns.  Myanmar’s mobile phone revolution has been mostly an app-less revolution. Users don’t want to use bandwidth to download, and don’t want to use precious local memory on large and bulky apps. But Mr. Finance lives in chat, and chat is alive and well in Myanmar.


How does ‘Mr. Finance’ works?

  • Message Based Conversations: You can communicate with Mr. Finance via Facebook Messenger and he responds with questions and advice that meets your specific needs.
  • Always Available: Mr. Finance is always available to help even in the middle of a crises or in the middle of the night.
  • Emotionally Engaging: Financial education is not merely about knowledge transfer but must engage the emotions. Mr. Finance tells interactive stories.
  • Multilingual: Mr. Finance speaks both Burmese and English.


Contact details:

Tel: 09 261 003 798


No.945 Building A Muditar (Thamine) Yangon.


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