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Want to transfer money from Malaysia? We can help!

Saver Asia makes it easy to compare money transfer services when you want to send money from Malaysia to Indonesia. SaverAsia can help you find cheap, safe and fast services.

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    Need help sending money from Malaysia?

    Here are our frequently asked questions

    How can I send my money abroad from Malaysia?

    There are many ways to send money from Malaysia...

    There are many ways to send money from Malaysia:

    Cash – You can send cash from Malaysia, by using one of many different money transfer organisations, and your family can pick up cash in the country that they are in.

    Card-to-card – You can send your money by using a bank card and the person you’re sending to can collect the money in cash at an ATM or the money can be spent in stores where the card is accepted.

    An International Money Order (IMO) – Your bank will give you an international guaranteed cheque and your family can then cash the cheque at their bank or pay it into their bank account.

    Bank to Bank Transfer – If you have a bank account you can transfer money from this to a bank account in another country. The method used is often called a SWIFT transfer – this is the name of a transfer system. New bank to bank transfer systems are also steadily launching, such as Ripple’s real-time gross settlement (RTGS) system which can enable real time international cross-border payments between banks.

    Online – Many money transfer companies now let you transmit through the internet (online). You need to set up a special account and then the company will send the money to your friend’s bank account or make it available for the money to be collected as cash.

    Mobile – sending money through mobile phone, and smartphone is an area that is developing all the time due to new technology and increased smartphone ownership and usage. For example, it is possible to send money for collection from many countries into the Philippines Globe GCash, or Smart Padala International mobile wallets. When received this money can be collected as cash at many cash pick-up centers, or it can be received directly into a mobile wallet and be used for paying bills, loading mobile airtime, online shopping or for withdrawals at ATMs.

    If I send money to my friends or family from Malaysia, how much will they receive in their currency?

    The amount you send from Malaysia will be converted using the foreign exchange rate...
    The amount you send from Malaysia will be converted using the foreign exchange rate provided that day to its equivalent amount into the receiving country’s currency. In addition, depending on the money transfer service you use, a fee will be deducted from the total amount. SaverAsia will provide you with the fee, exchange rate and the final expected receive amount, before you choose a service.

    What is the true cost to me when sending money overseas from Malaysia?

    There are several components to the true total cost when sending money from Malaysia...

    There are several components to the true total cost when sending money from Malaysia.

    • Transfer fees: This is the most visible cost and can differ significantly among different companies. This fee usually represents the charge the sender pays and can vary depending on the amount sent.
    • Receive costs: Receivers may sometimes be charged additional costs when receiving money. Funds sent for cash collection at a Money Transfer Operator (MTO) or MTO agent will not normally incur additional charges. Money received in a bank account can sometimes be subject to additional foreign exchange or other bank charges that the sender has no knowledge of before sending. These costs will be taken off of the final receive amount. Further receive costs can include charges when cashing out at a mobile money agent.
    • Exchange Rate Fee: Normally, when calculating the exchange rate an organisation adds a “margin” – often called a “currency conversion fee”. This results in them making additional money from your transaction and is normal practice in the money transfer and banking industry. This is often a hidden charge, so you are advised to compare the rates offered by different providers

    What do I do if the money I'm sending overseas goes missing?

    You should contact the company that you sent the money through...
    You should contact the company that you sent the money through and ask them to determine where it is. You should also make sure that the person you have sent the money to has contacted the organisation that should pay the money to them. Always make sure to keep your transaction slip as reference in case a problem in the transaction arise.

    Where can the money I send from Malaysia be collected?

    Money when sending from Malaysia can be collected through partner/organization pay-out centres...
    Money when sending from Malaysia can be collected through partner/organization pay-out centres that are available for the recipient to visit. Make sure that the transaction number/details are ready to be able to verify and validate the collection.


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