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Xe are currency experts, specialising in currency conversion, sending money and tracking global trends. This allows them to offer a highly competitive international money transfer service.


We’ve tried to answer all of your questions so you can have confidence when sending money.


What is Xe money transfer?

Xe money transfer is an international money transfer service offered by the company Xe it is part of a broader range of currency and exchange related services. They are recognised as industry leaders in currency conversion and money sending offering services for 139 currencies to 220 countries and territories. These services are available online via their website and via their app.


Who owns Xe money transfer?

Xe is now owned by Euronet Worldwide who acquired them in 2015. Xe was originally founded by two high school friends in their garage in 1993. In 1995 they launched the “Universal Currency Converter” while online services were only just starting out. Since then, they have continued to be a popular service and trusted source of currency information.


How does Xe money transfer work?

Xe money transfer uses their larger enterprise of currency trading solutions to deliver a completely online money transfer service. They leverage a history of currency pricing data and insights to be able to deliver a cheap service with low fees. For a customer the process has been made simple:

  1. Create an account. At this stage all you will need is an email address, but you will be required to submit or reference identification documents.
  2. Add your recipient and payment details. For this you will need your recipient’s address, bank account/IBAN and swift/BIC, as well as adding your own payment information
  3. Confirm and send. Double check all of your currencies and amounts and get the expected delivery date. Then click send!


Is Xe money transfer safe?

Xe’s history as a currency expert and their continual addition of innovative features have led millions of people to use their service – their app has 70 million downloads, and their website passed 280 million visitors in 2016. Many of these users have left reviews on Trustpilot for which Xe has achieved an overall rating of 4.4/5 from nearly 50,000 reviews. This indicates a very reliable record of successful transactions.


Other Xe features

If you’re thinking about sending money, Xe offers a wealth of resources to support you in this process. Some of their tools include:

  1. Currency insights – charts and historical rates. Having a look at how different currency pairs have exchanged over time may give you an indication of the best time to send money. Xe helpfully represents these things in charts and graphs that are easy to use and understand.
  2. Rate alerts. If you are hoping to get a certain amount of money home and happy to wait for the right rate, setting up a rate alert through Xe money will help. A rate alert will notify you when your desired rate is available to transfer.
  3. Money transfer tips. Xe has written some articles that explain the basics of money transfer and exchange rates to help you understand how to make the most of your foreign exchange and avoid any scams or fraud.
  4. Currency encyclopaedia. If you are interested in a particular currency the currency encyclopaedia will give you a brief overview of its profile and links to recent news, rates and transfers.


Xe currency converter

Alongside money transfers, Xe also does simple currency conversion allowing you to check the relationship between nearly any currency pair. This is really helpful for deciding when you should send money.


Xe exchange rate

Xe displays the mid-market rate, which is according to their website are “These are derived from the mid-point between the “buy” and “sell” transactional rates from global currency markets. They are not transactional rates.” Saver Asia uses these mid-market rates from Xe on our comparison pages. They help people understand whether the exchange rate they are being offered is a good deal.


Xe for business

Xe has a range of currency solutions that are available for businesses. These service specialise in larger send amounts and mass payments. You can check those out through this link, Xe for business.


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