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About SaverAsia

SaverAsia is here to help you improve your knowledge about finances.

SaverAsia is here to help you improve your knowledge about finances:

  • Compare costs and services for sending money home
  • Help you save money wherever you live

SaverAsia provides important information on the many choices you have when sending money back to your family and friends in Asia.

SaverAsia will inspire and help you, whether you’re a Cambodian in Thailand or an Indonesian in Malaysia:

  • Today many people depend on a small circle of friends for financial service information and often queue for a long time each month to send money home by cash. SaverAsia will help you save time and money when sending money home by finding the best price.
  • Whether you are sending money home, or trying to save money, SaverAsia helps you understand money with ‘Finance Basics’ and the SaverAsia Budget Calculator.
  • Migrant workers in Malaysia can use the Overtime Pay Calculator to work out how much overtime pay they should receive.

For more detailed information on financial and other support services in your area, visit  www.saverasia.com .

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The production of the overtime calculator is produced under a collaboration between (Developing Markets Associates) DMA and the International Labor Organization (ILO) Migrant workers Empowerment and Advocacy (MWEA) Project.

The MWEA project is funded by the United States Department of Labour under cooperative agreement number IL-28099-15-75-K-11.

This material does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the United States Department of Labor, nor does mention of trade names commercial products, or organization imply endorsement by the United States Government. 100% of the total cost of this overtime calculator is funded by the Federal Funds for a total cost of $22,100 dollars. 100% of the cost of expanding SaverAsia to feature Bengali and Nepali language content is funded by the Federal Funds for a total cost of $39,825 dollars.