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December 18, 2023

Celebrating International Migrants Day


Today is a significant day as we commemorate International Migrants Day, a special occasion to recognize and appreciate the valuable contributions and sacrifices made by countless individuals worldwide who have relocated to different countries in search of a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

Migrants are known for their unwavering determination and tireless work ethic. At SaverAsia, we have had the privilege of meeting numerous migrant workers who face various challenges as they strive to improve their lives. These individuals often endure long hours of work for minimal pay while also grappling with the complexities of adapting to a new environment.

One of the many difficulties faced by migrants is managing their finances in a foreign country. Fluctuating currency exchange rates, service fees, and other financial considerations can hinder their ability to send money back home to their families and loved ones.

To tackle this dilemma, SaverAsia is committed to assisting Asian migrants all over the world in finding effective solutions to maximize the transfer of remittances to their loved ones through our comprehensive comparison service. Moreover, our set of financial education tools empower migrants to optimize their budgets and, for those residing in Malaysia, ensure that they receive accurate salaries through our Overtime Calculator feature.

In early 2024, the SaverAsia platform will merge with the newly developed SaverLearning digital platform for financial education. This exciting partnership will grant millions of migrants worldwide access to a wide array of free, interactive courses on financial literacy. These courses encompass various subjects such as budgeting, banking, remittances, insurance, retirement planning, and much more.

The funds that migrants send back to their families and home countries have a significant impact, not only providing vital financial assistance to loved ones but also contributing to the welfare of communities. Additionally, these remittances play a crucial role in the global economy. According to the World Bank’s projections, international remittances are predicted to reach an astonishing $656 billion by 2023.

On this International Migrants Day, SaverAsia would like to express our unwavering support for all migrants and their families. We deeply value their hard work and the sacrifices they make, and we are committed to helping them effectively manage their finances and maximize their earnings. Our dedication lies in empowering migrants and their families to thrive, and we will continue to tirelessly provide them with the necessary support in every way possible.