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June 16, 2022

Happy International Day of Family Remittances

Celebrating International Day of Family Remittances


Let SaverAsia celebrate you and your families today! Every June 16 is an international celebration of the recovery and resilience of 200 million migrant workers that send money home to their families. Despite the difficult times you have faced during the global pandemic, natural disasters, and economic uncertainty, global remittances are expected to continue growing to $630 billion around the world in 2022. This is a testament to your hard work and strength to help and serve your loved ones, no matter how far.

Over 800 million families back home are receiving help from your efforts, with 75% of your remittances being used for food, medicine, school fees and housing. Though USD $200 to $300 of average monthly remittances may seem “small or little value”, this adds up to three times greater than official assistance received for development globally. This means that your hard-earned money is what is helping your home country’s economies achieve the opportunities it needs for education and business, more than what other organisations provide.

You represent the many migrants that sacrifice daily to improve the lives of your families, communities and countries. Your remittances over the past couple of years exceeded the World Bank’s expectations, who predicted that remittances would decline during the pandemic. Instead, Asian migrants continued to contribute a significant portion to their receiving countries’ Gross Domestic Products (GDP) or economy, such as China, the Philippines, India and Pakistan.

Now let us in SaverAsia help you by making sending remittances easier and better for your family back home! Have you ever found it difficult to find what money transfer service will work best for you? Is it hard to compare which will be the cheapest, fastest, or most convenient way to send money home? Our Compare Rates tool is just what you need!

The SaverAsia Compare Rates tool is easy to use. Simply watch our guide video or the steps below:

  • Download our SaverAsia app or visit our website
  • Select Compare Rates
  • Enter the ‘send’ country and the ‘receive’ country
  • Enter the amount you want to send and select ‘compare’
  • Choose the best option from the results for you!

Just five steps and you’re done!

Save money, save time and save for your future this International Family Remittance Day!

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Written by Malorie Anne Manaois (15 June 2022)