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Learn about the different ways to receive money January 26, 2023

How to receive remittances?

Are you receiving money from your loved ones abroad? Or are you sending money and want to know what ways they can receive your money back home? We have simplified the 3 most common ways to receive remittances in our latest blog


Are you going to be receiving money from your loved one overseas? Or are you sending money back home and want to find the best way for them to receive your cash? Think about how and where you would like to receive the remittance.  

Bank Account 

When the recipient receives money to a bank account there is no action required by the receiver, it will automatically appear in their account.  


Mobile Wallet 

There is no action required by the receiver, the money will automatically appear in the account.  


Cash Pick-up 

There are a few steps to receiving money in person.  

  1. Find the location of the nearest agent. The recipient can search online on the money transfer operator’s website to find the nearest agent to them. 
  1. Bring the receiver’s information. The receiver will need to supply their reference number and ID to be able to verify that they are the intended recipient. The reference number is something that you – the receiver – were provided on the transaction receipt or in your confirmation emails online. ID refers to a valid government issued photo identification such as a passport, national ID or residency permit. They may also be asked to provide proof of address if this is not included on their identification.  
  1. Complete the transaction. The receiver will need to complete a receive form using the reference number and identity documents they brought.