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Migrant Worker Resource Centres (MRCs) in Myanmar


Myanmar’s MRCs provides a space for you to find information on migrating for work, ask questions, and lodge complaints. Counselling is provided at each MRC through outreach activities, meetings, online and over the phone. Information is also shared through broadcasts on local radio and television, job fairs, and seminars on safe migration in schools, vocational training centres and in the community.In Myanmar, MRCs offer legal aid when migrant workers’ rights are abused at work or in the destination community, serve as an accessible link to the local authorities and deliver training.

A variety of partner institutions, including job centres within provincial labour departments, trade unions and civil society organisations, were involved in their creation and run the centres. Currently, TRIANGLE in ASEAN is supporting MRCs in the following locations:

Keng Tunng Mawk Kon Local Development Organisation MRC
Khattar Street, Myo Thit Yet, Quarter (3)
Keng Tung, Eastern Shan State

Tachileik Mawk Kon Local Development Organization MRC
Room No. 9, 88 Golden Dragon Building (in front of Par Lyain 3 Market),
Taw Kaw Street, Par Lyain (3) Ward, Tachileik, Shan State
Tel.: +9409033320 (Myanmar)
Tel.: +9785282885 (Myanmar)
Tel.: +66629293461 (Thailand)
Email: mawkkon17@gmail.com

Yangon CTUM North Dagon MRC
Confederation of Trade Unions Myanmar (CTUM)
Building B 4, Room (104), Bo Min Yaung Residence, 42 Quarter, North Dagon Township, Yangon
Tel.: +9890700001
Tel.: +9890700002
Email: ctummrc2019@gmail.com


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